Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mind controlling our health

I like to believe that our minds can control everything. Biologically, I know that's how it works. To actually put it into practice, it will take a whole of lot of mind training. If we can actually control the intake of food, the type of food, the effect food has on the rest of the body, then we can actually control our health too.

I think to begin with we should start with vegetarian foods. Cook a variety, make it tasty. This way you will not miss meat. Then should come quality and quantity. Followed by the effects these foods have on our body, followed by the next step of exercise. I am sure I have missed many other steps in between, before and after. In any case, if the mind can control every being and cell in us we can feel empowered. Or, maybe humbled? Meditation and yoga are a part of this mind/body/health thing. So, should add that into the mix as well.

Let me keep digging to find out what else the mind/health connection has.

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