Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blueberries, now Açaí

I am still crazy about blueberries. It started some years ago. Why? It tastes great for thing. Secondly, it is packed with antioxidants. I go crazy over health foods. Will probably have anything that is marked healthy even if it is not tasty. Blueberries started out as a fad and is now a health food here, also quite expensive too.

Açaí from Brazil seems to be the twin sister of blueberries. Also packed with antioxidants. I have not seen the real fruit and don’t know where to find them. But, it is catching on and is a major export of Brazil. I am sure it will find its way to the U.S. and in time will become as popular as blueberries is in taste and in price. I will buy them too.

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  1. I have had Açaí. It is a magical fruit. I never knew the excellent benefits of Acai until now.