Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's probably me. About Mexican food in Mexico.

I am a vegetarian if you haven't noticed and a picky one at that. Last summer I spent about 10 ten days in some of the most exotic cities in Mexico. Many of us, me for sure didn't know that such places even existed. I was in Mexico City first, then a couple days in Guadalajara, 1 day in Puerto Vallarta, a couple days in Guanajuato and then back to Mexico City for the rest of the trip.

The Mexican food that I had was not good at all. Quite possibly because I do not eat meat. Food choices of course were pretty limited even among the meat dishes that other people were having. There is this lard I believe that they add to the beans that completely upset my system and remained upset during the entire trip. I went for other cuisine options all the time, whenever I saw them available. Chinese, Italian, Cuban were all great there.

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  1. I completely disagree. I think Mexico has the best cuisine of all countries.