Sunday, March 29, 2015

Black bean curry in spicy sauce

This is a favorite dish of mine, loaded with protein. If you'd like to make it more tasty, soak the beans the previous night  and then pressure cook it the next day.

The fresh spices with tomatoes and a final topping of garam masala and sprinkles of coriander... Yum. Take the first bit with a piece of chappathi, (Indian home made bread) and you'll be in seventh heaven in minutes. Try the recipe from Vidya Swamy's kitchen.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Shawarma is an Arabian creation and a common street food. My son recreated the recipe  with tofu and a few modifications.

Shawarma is generally made of meats such as lamb, mutton, beef, etc. The recipe calls for a long list of ingredients, however it is quite simple to make. It allows a lot of creativity in the use of fresh vegetables and sauces.

Check it out from