Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mushroom Masala - Finger-licking good

Mushroom Masala
Edible mushrooms are high in nutrition and loaded with medicinal properties; high in vitamin D and selenium. They are generally used by the chinese in their healing concoctions. I am not a big mushroom fan but this recipe is too good to dislike especially since the mushroom is saut├ęd . Try it from

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poricini mushroom and cheese ravioli with fresh garlic and spinach

PorciniMushroomRavioli+fresh garlic and spinachI came back to Italian after a long break. We had a craving for south Indian food for a while. Finally, I decided to go with this recipe for this evening's dinner. It tasted divine. What a difference fresh ingredients make!  During my rough work-out, I thought of a recipe that would be great for a Sunday dinner and went with it.

So, on the way back home, I picked up a big bunch of fresh spinach; then went to work immediately so I wouldn't forget the recipe. It took me just about 35 minutes. We enjoyed every morsel.  You will love it too! Test it out.