Sunday, August 26, 2012

Roasted Cauliflower with Olive Oil and Garlic

Recipe of the week - Check out this delicious roasted cauliflower in olive oil and garlic.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Roasted Eggplant, Tomatoes and Mozzarella with Basil

Easy appetizer for surprise guests.  Test out this week's recipe.  Never known to fail.

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Who is to blame for one's obesity?

Well, I have written several blogs on this topic.  Some of them are pretty harsh because I get angry with people who have just let their health go. 

Some look at their own body as just a place to reside in and nothing more.  On the other hand, the same people may have a clean, well-oiled car and take better care of it than they do their health.

Then there is the other group who are completely aware but just love food.  They live to eat. 

The next group falls under the category of those who use food as a comforter, as a punch bag to get out their anger and frustrations just because they have no one else to talk to.

To some, food is mere entertainment and that fun is never-ending.

Beyond all the above excuses which I believe are superficial in nature and avoidable there is indeed a serious reason why some turn to food.  Several of these people have an underlying reason that goes deep down to their childhood and are quite often related to abuse, poverty, chemical imbalance of various kinds, or ailments of a mental of physical nature. Although some come out of these things, some people's injuries are too deep to zip out of. 

I have changed my attitude lately from the immediate reaction of anger to empathy but have no answer as to how I would go about helping them.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thai beats Indian when it comes to spicy hot food

Spicy food is good. Hot and spicy food is too good.  Thai hot and spicy? It depends.

I've always liked tasty Thai food. I would rate it sort of close to Indian in the ingredients and some of the spices used.  When it comes to spice range, I don't think any other cuisine comes close.  Here's a tip when you order Thai food in an authentic Thai restaurant. 

Never make the mistake of asking for hot thai food.  Am sure many of you have experienced this but it is unbearable.  Your tongue might even get scalded if you don't watch. A couple times I asked for hot and couldn't eat the food.  I barely had a bit and walked out hungry. So, now adays I go for mild and medium at the most depending on the dish.

However, I thought salads are supposed to be mild in any cuisine.  I had a julianned radish, carrot and cherry tomato salad with a lightly sweetened dressing with some crushed peanuts.  Hidden among these were, I thought one or two tiny bits of green chillies. A great idea as green chillies add flavor to a dish. The first bite was bearable, the second spicy and by the third I had tears flowing down.  Had probably a gallon of water, then looked closely at the salad.

Little did I know there were quite a few of those green chillies and some had a red tinge on them and they were hotter than the pure greeen ones. The salad would have tasted delicious if not for those colorfully speckled chillies in it. So, the lesson is look at the range and rating of the spices in any Thai restaurant.  If there is a wide range go toward the lower end of the spectrum.  If it is a short scale, go for the lowest.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mushroom Pasta in Red Sauce

Mushrooms are not a favorite of many people.  But if prepared the right way with the right dish, they can enhance the flavor like none other. Here is my recipe of the week. Check out the recipe at