Friday, April 9, 2010

Food manufacturing companies ought to be taxed and regulated

Everyone talks about obesity, diabetes,and weight issues even in young children. What is the cause of it? The companies that make these excessive sugar induced products and sell them everywhere. There is hardly anything in the grocery store nowadays without fructose corn syrup and added sugar in them.

What can people buy if nothing is natural? We are all so used to buying and eating these products that our bodies now crave for these foods. People here think that's how it is supposed to taste. Anything without sugar tastes weird to us.

Why can't these companies have imposed regulations? Why are they allowed to add sugar when it is not necessary? The companies need to be taxed and not the people that buy them. I think that's where the problem exists. Obesity, all kinds of diseases related to weight, excessive medical bills, frequent doctor's visits. All of these can be prevented if only we can get the right food.

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