Sunday, January 26, 2014

Recipe of the week - Peppers in Dhal

This is a quick and tasty way of making dhal on a day when you need to avoid garlic or onion in your food. Some religious days require this practice of avoiding garlic and onion to be adhered to. This dhal would be a nutritious side to rice or Indian breads.

I prepared this last week when I didn't have to avoid garlic or onion because there was no religious reason to do that. There is no garam masala in it either.  But the dhal tasted great.  Just with some saut├ęd  green chillies, tomatoes and a mix of peppers can do the trick.

Test it out for yourself.  Peppers in dhal from vidyaswamy's kitchen.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Garlic, ginger spiced okra

There are several ways to cook okra.  This is one of my favorite.  Use only fresh okra for this recipe.  Since adding tomatoes make okra mushy and sticky, I avoid it in this recipe.  With the onion and garlic, this has the right taste and aroma.  And, with the ginger and cayenne pepper, the right kick.  This dish is a perfect match with any Indian bread.  Check it out at Vidya Swamy's kitchen.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gluten-free Indian flat bread made with ragi (millet)

At least 70% of the recipes are gluten-free on my site Vidya's Kitchen. I forget to mention that often enough.

This week I thought of the breads available in super markets.  It is hard to come across breads that are wheat free. At the most in nutrition stores you will find breads made with rice flour and quinoa, which are good replacements.  However, I have tried them and feel they are too soft and pasty.  So, decided to try this at home and post it for your benefit as well.

I have read extensively about staying gluten-free and discovered that they are not only good for people who cannot tolerate wheat based foods but also those seeking to stay away from estrogen producing foods.  Try this bread.  It is very easy to make and quite satisfying.  Nutritionally, it is high in fiber with reasonable amounts of protein, no gluten of course, and enough carbs to keep you satisfied.  Lastly, millet breads taste great.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Aromatic Spanish Rice from Vidya's Kitchen

Sometimes or maybe most times, thinking of what to make for lunch or dinner depends on our mood, what is available in the refrigerator, the weather outside, and so on.

It is freezing 2° F.  Sumptuous, tasty, carby (starchy) were the images that came to my mind.  How about aromatic Spanish rice?  Sounds easy enough.  Making it tasty is not really a problem.

So, here it goes.  Aromatic Spanish Rice from Vidya's kitchen.  Preparation time is about 10 minutes. Cooking time, as it is rice we are talking about would take at least 15 minutes.  That is a good plate of tasty meal in about 30 minutes.  Not too bad!