Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black lentil curry that comes with a healthy dose of protein and fiber

This is a pretty easy recipe. The major portion of the time is taken by the overnight soaking the lentil part.

Pressure cooked and then saut├ęd with spices makes this a scrumptious meal by itself or along with Indian breads or rice. Try it out from

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A lot about vitamin D; should we take it seriously especially if it is linked to aging?

Doctors recommend their patients to take vitamin D as a supplement when even just a few years ago, it was never an issue.  On the other hand, some nutritionists say that vitamins in general don't do a thing.

It's hard to say what the truth is, however if a particular vitamin is not known to cause any harm to our health, we might as well take it with the belief that it could help at least just a little.

This topic of vitamin D caught my attention particularly when at my usual doctor's checkup, she mentioned that lack of vitamin D is directly linked to aging. My reaction was what?  Why is this coming up only now? Her answer was it's not just for aging but for several other reasons including protection against cancer, better immunity, arthritis in women, asthma, maintaining better body weight and a few more that I forget. Enough said.

Who wants to age? Never is impossible but if at least slowing down the process is possible, then why not? My next stop was guess where? Costco. I now have a supply that will last me the rest of the year.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cluster Beans Saambhar with simple spices in coconut milk

This is the same recipe I use to make Poricha kootu except I use a Tbsp. of shredded coconut to grind together with the rest of the paste; also minus the coconut milk.

The lentils used in this is Toor dhal versus the masoor dhal in the Kootu. Try this tasty Saambhar from Vidya's kitchen -

Tasty Gujarati Khadi from Vidya's kitchen

Gujarati KhadiThis is not an uncommon dish, however try it from Vidya's kitchen. A quick side-dish for any Indian bread or rice.

Gujarati Khadi from vidyaswamy's kitchen.