Sunday, August 10, 2014

Crockpot Lasagna

If you want rich taste and a satisfactory palette, then this Crockpot lasagna does complete justice.

Absolutely delicious, try it from Vidya's kitchen.

Mayuri - Looks like they are back

Today being a special day I decided to give Mayuri, the Indian restaurant in the suburbs of St. Louis one more chance. After the last experience months ago, we had decided never to eat at Mayuri again. However, there aren't places around that are any better either.

We were pleasantly surprised right from the start. First of all, the display of the buffet tables were better with more space to move around. Secondly, the place looked cleaner. Thirdly, the vegetarian dishes were quite delicious. The spread consisted of pakoras, vadai, pongal, idli, sambaar, a few different types of chutneys, pulav, a variety of southern indian curries, some northern indian specialities, the usual salad, pickles, condiments, non-tart plain yogurt and desserts.

I was not sure if the chef or the ownership had changed. Nobody we spoke to had a clear answer. I went there with low expectations but came back quite happy.

Would give this place 4 **** stars.