Thursday, April 22, 2010

How much is too much?

I substitute tofu for cheese in some of my vegetarian recipes that call for cheese cubes. At one point, I was adding Tofu to almost every dish. Then I read that it could increase the estrogen level in the body. Too much estrogen is not good for women. So, I backed off. Phytoestrogens that are present in soy (tofu) are the ones that can have this effect. But I also read that phtoestrogens can actually prevent cholesterol and cancers. So, tofu in moderation is probably okay. I wish there were conclusive studies on this. How many (cups/ fl.oz) is okay to have every day and, when is it too much?


  1. As someone who has cut down on her soy intake, I share your frustration. I have read sources that recommend fermented soy over processed soy as better for the health, but there are few sources of true fermented soy. Natto, soy sauce, and miso are three examples, but these are also salty, and I try to minimize my sodium intake I also try to drink organic milk so I am not mixing the hormones from milk with those in soy products.

  2. I take lactaid milk. Maybe they have additional hormones as well just like regular milk. So, I keep that in moderation. And, go with buttermilk. Off and on, I take soy milk.