Friday, April 2, 2010

Broccoli Rabe – Can’t wait for the leftovers

April 2nd, 2010 Just last weekend we were at Cascata Cafe for a late dinner. Among other things we had a side order of broccoli rabe. I can tell you that was the best I’ve had in so many years of eating broccoli rabe. I savored every bite, unfortunately had to share it with others because it was not even the side dish I ordered. Anyway, I paid attention to the taste and tried to remember it.

It is the same recipe I’ve always used to make rabe. Except this one at the restaurant tasted a whole lot better because of the freshness of the rabe. Couldn’t wait to get to the market the next day to buy some fresh rabe. I got to cook it a couple days ago. Made it exactly the Italian way that it is supposed to be made. Added some extra olive oil and one more thing. Maybe that was it in the restaurant too. The shiitake mushrooms sauted in garlic and olive oil with a touch of salt and crushed red pepper. That’s it. I added that to the already blanched and lightly sauteed rabe. It was excellent. I ate some and saved the left for a couple days later. Tomorrow I will finish the rest.

Next week on – Broccoli Rabe.

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