Sunday, August 14, 2016

Home made mango ice cream

Mangoes always remind me of my childhood days in India. Our home was surrounded by mango and coconut trees. As many are aware there are 100s of varieties; some of the best were in our garden.

Every other summer provided a bumper crop. We distributed them around the neighborhood. The constantly flowing guests had their fill too. My mom prepared several types of pickles and juices but never mango ice cream.

Here's an easy recipe to pull together for any occasion. Prep time is only 20 minutes. Freeze time is about 4 to 5 hours.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

New India Kitchen: The authentic tastes keep luring you in

New India's Kitchen - Ballwin, MO, United States. DahipuriThis St. Louis suburban Indian restaurant appears to be typical in its looks located in a nondescript shopping area in Manchester. However, food here is far from plain. The dishes are remarkably tasty and honest. Chef Niraj has transported his expertise all the way from New Delhi without compromising or distorting the taste one bit.

The restaurant has become a favorite of lunch buffet lovers all through the week. On any giving day, you will find a good spread of appetizers ranging from pakoras to pani puris to colorful salads, an assortment of chats, kabobs and samosas. Combined with a good mix of vegetarian and meat dishes you are certain to come out totally spoiled by the taste and friendly service. I have had their lunch buffets several times and my all time favorite are the hot naans and dhals. Oh, don't miss the Jalebi, the best dessert here. 

New India's Kitchen - Ballwin, MO, United States. What a meal yummmmDinner menu is a mix of sizzling tandoor kabobs from the clay oven, marinated chicken tikka, shrimp or paneer preparations in aromatic sauces. There are plenty of usual options in the entrees featuring delectable breads and vegetarian dishes like chana, palak paneer, makhani, kofta, korma, gobhi or bharta. Except, they are far from usual. Chef Niraj pays attention to every ingredient and the way it is prepared, making the outcome extraordinary. The exotic tastes are sure to spoil you and keep you going back for more. 

If you had any preconceived notions about Indian restaurants or Indian food being all the same, an experience at New Indian Kitchen will wipe them out. The place is clean, the chef and his wife Jyothsana are cheerful, courteous hosts whose only interests are in making the guests feel welcome, well attended to, and satisfied after their meal. 

Eating out in Indian restaurants should not be about finishing up a meal and moving on to the next in the list of chores. It should be about titillating the senses. That's exactly what you experience at the New India Kitchen. It is several cuts above the rest. Try once and you will be hooked.