Sunday, March 30, 2014

Iyer Tomato Rasam

My mom and her sisters are some of the best cooks I have come across. My mom ranks number one in that list. Several recipes have been passed down generations. Having known good food all my growing years, I cannot eat food that will just pass as tolerable.  It has to taste good.  And, good food has to be served at the right temperature.

Being a food fanatic, I crave for the best tasting Indian cooking when I go back to visit India and my extended family there.  I get invited to homes where they hire someone to cook a meal.  The food might be decent but almost always they serve cold food.  So, I generally eat at home before I leave for the lunch or dinner.  Rasam is one of those dishes that has to be served hot.  It may be one of the hottest days of summer outside, regardless rasam has to be served hot.  Here is an Iyer Tomato rasam recipe from Vidyaswamy's kitchen inspired and perfected by my mother, then passed on to me.  You'll like it as well.

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