Sunday, November 10, 2013

To the Indian palette bland food is uninteresting. With a little kick and a twist, an ordinary appetizer can be turned to something fantastic.

Here is a quick and tasty peanut appetizer for your next party. There are several ways to prepare spicy peanuts, here's just one of them. Peanuts don't have to be consumed with any kind of spice but serving plain peanuts at a party is like having peanuts in a sports bar while watching a game. That's a different mood for a different time. Spiced peanuts at a party can be served as one of many appetizers. A decorative platter with a heap of spiced peanuts add color and taste without much effort. Try it from Vidya Swamy's kitchen.

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  1. I wonder if this appetizer goes with wine? Copious amounts mind you! Thank you for posting so many recipes.