Saturday, January 19, 2013

Almond Halwa and Almond Burfi

Masal Vadai
Almond Halwa and Burfi
Several indian desserts are way too sweet for the american palate, but Almond Halwa/Burfi that I just added as this week's recipe of the week is not overwhelming in sweetness. The recipe has almond to sugar ratio as 2:1. You may add less sugar than suggested. That might bring out the raw taste of almond but testing this recipe a couple times will help you arrive at the right consistency and taste.

This is my aunt's recipe and the best that I have come across. Remember I am very picky!

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  1. My recipe is almost close. But the outcome has never been quite perfect. There is a slight variation from yours in that I make the sugar syrup first and then add the almond ground mixture. Maybe that is reason, mine is not a 100% there. I picked up this easy tip from your recipe -- Just adding everything all at once.